Dienstleistungen und Beratung für den Außenhandel

" We offer:

  • Best practice solutions and process quality assurance in your foreign trade activities
  • Practical optimization and reorganization of work processes – tailored to your operational requirements. ”

Along with its prestigious partners, the Exportwirtschaft ICS team is deeply entrenched in each of the relevant domestic markets. In this constellation, we achieve a high level of international competence and can offer virtually standardized consultancy services.

Our network of experts is active in all key core markets and global centers of commerce. Because of this factor, we are highly familiar with the currently applicable customs and export regulations worldwide.
We can offer your company comprehensive and high-quality services in three business areas: 

  • Export controls and customs
  • Supply chain compliance management
  • Training and conferences 

Our team is driven by a pioneering spirit. Digital innovations like for example the development of a compliance monitoring and scoring methodology ensure transparency and the checks and balances necessary to achieve sustainable operational process and cost reliability. With each enhancement, we pursue the goal of fulfilling or covering the customs regulations, our customers’ compliance requirements and our customers’ logistics needs even more efficiently.
Whether we are dealing with Frankfurt am Main, Eastern Europe or the Middle East and Asia – we are committed to offering your company optimum, customized foreign trade solutions every day.
“We provide pioneering spirit, technological innovation and operational sustainability.”

Fit for the export business


Audits and analyses

By conducting in-depth analyses in the form of audits of the current state of operations in the export control and customs processing as well as the logistics processes within your company, we detect cost-cutting potential, risks and opportunities for enhancing efficiency. After conducting this review on site, we develop a customized, practical system to optimize your process organization and operational procedures successfully.


 “We deploy our tried and tested measures to make your company efficient, 

secure and profitable.”

Our expertise and services comprise:

  • Examining your entire export control and customs-related procedures from business and foreign trade perspectives 
  • Compliance monitoring – performance measurement systems ensure transparency and sustainability
  • Preparation of compliance performance reports for your structures and procedures Preparation of work and organizational instructions and organigrams
  •  Reduction in tax burden through the use of preferential agreements or duty suspensions
  •  Automation of customs and export processes, material master data administration using appropriate software solutions 
  • Continuous supporting measures for the practical implementation of your internal customs and compliance processes risk management/compliance conform with international standards and norms

Whether it is a matter of the correct material classification, HS code classification and verification, applying for binding tariff information or submitting complex applications for customs procedure facilitation, we can give you efficient and competent advice.