Dienstleistungen und Beratung für den Außenhandel

Dear Reader,

Digitalisation enables us to develop results-driven and at the same time practical customer solutions which contribute to reducing the complexity of foreign trade processes. It was this experience which motivated me and my team to establish this company, Exportwirtschaft ICS – International Compliance Support. It is irrelevant whether they are operating in retail, in production or in logistics – all companies need viable and efficient solutions for their international business activities. This is the only way they can focus on their core competencies and processes.
Fast growing, dynamic markets with import and customs regulations, which sometimes change on a yearly basis, are incessantly making foreign trade more complex. This is constantly presenting new challenges to many companies, who see their international business activities being made more complicated by a multiplicity of laws, regulations and directives both at home and abroad that are almost impossible to keep track of. This applies equally to business dealings with long-standing customers as well as to those with new trading partners.
Thus competent and practical management of foreign trade activities is the linchpin for operating successfully in globalised markets. We can provide customised advisory services and concepts tailored to your individual requirements to support your organisation and thus contribute to your business success. Practicality and efficiency are at the heart of our strategic direction. 
We hope we have aroused your interest and look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

Sven-Boris Brunner

“Our network covers all major core markets and global centres of commerce. With the support of our expert network, which can draw on a wealth of hands-on experience, we are highly familiar with the currently applicable customs and export regulations worldwide.”

Our team of experts can advise your company comprehensively on the technological and organizational handling of customs and export compliance. 

Because of our experience, we can guarantee you effective solutions for secure customs and export management. 
As our customer, we at Exportwirtschaft ICS GmbH can offer you expertise and customised advice and solutions in the area of supply chain management and project logistics in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, the northwest African states as well as in the Middle and Far East.
Our commitment and dedication is always focused on long-term and sustainable results. 
Respecting different cultures, boosting the human factor and using resources responsibly – those are the principles we live by every day. 
That is why we can guarantee your company results that are perfectly tailored to your target region and its customs regulations. 

Because our team of experts provides comprehensive customer service, we can guarantee you:

- Greater legal certainly and lower liability risk,


- Increased profitability from more efficient processes and 


- Competitive advantages from integration with the prospect of long-term success and operational process reliability.”